Short description

I am a Ph.D. student and a Graduate Teaching Assistant at KCL since October 2013, and guest teacher at LSE since October 2016.

From a non-specialist point of view, my field of research currently involves the study of logarithmic structures of some geometric invariants of manifolds (with or without boundary) via the use of algebraic structures defined in terms of realizations of unbounded operators through boundary conditions.

My other passions are martial arts: I am a Judo 3rd Dan, with more than 18 years of practice, and I have a Shihan license in Ichi Gi Do Bujutsu, a Koryƫ encompassing Tenshinshoden Katori Shinto Ryu and Shino Rikugo Jujutsu. I practice regularly both and teach Ichi Gi Do Bujutsu once a week.

I love art, food, and literature, but not necessarily in this order, especially at lunchtime.